Thank you Pamela Provencher of Granite State Escape for hosting and showing off your space!


We meet up at Granite State Escape at 5:00PM and got to enjoy some amazing pizza and soda. Games started at 5:30PM


Defuse the Bomb:

“There has been a recent theft at a local U.S. Army base, including two chemical bombs. As agents in the Department of Homeland Security, you have received a tip from a familiar source known only as “The Chemist”. Extensive research and valuable intel has led you to “The Chemist’s” laboratory. Upon entry, the door is sealed behind you and the entire room is wired to blow. Not only must you Escape, but you must Defuse the Bomb first!”

Time Used:

42 / 60

 Did We Escape?


Vintage Circus:

Will you find the missing patrons? Will you regret your curiosity?

The Circus is in town! Popcorn is popping, tigers are roaring, performers are dazzling folks of all ages! But behind the big-top, hides a dark secret… patrons are disappearing. As you search for an answer, you notice a dimly lit sign that reads “Dr. Oswaldo’s Oddities- Shows Every Hour.” Most scurry past, but you can’t control your curiosity and wander inside.”

Time Used:

45 / 60

 Did We Escape?



Pamela Provencher (Host) – Granite State Escape

Marci Skersey and Matthew Bertsch – LOK’d! Room Escape

Becky Staples – Time Quest NH

Richard Reynolds and Sosanya Pok – GTFO Escape Room

Beth Scrimger and Joe LaFrance – Mystery NH